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Understanding Clergy Sexual Ethics

About this course

Understanding Clergy Sexual Ethics is the first, foundational course in the Lewis Center’s Keeping Our Sacred Trust series of online courses that deal with issues of ethical boundaries in ministry. This course is designed to help prevent clergy sexual misconduct by creating awareness of what constitutes misconduct and how issues of misconduct typically arise. It addresses the relational dynamics, internal motivations, and vulnerabilities that can lead to misconduct and the positive steps that can be taken to help prevent misconduct or the appearance of misconduct.  The goal is to help course participants develop a strong and reliable “internal compass” that will help them to steer a safe course even in confusing or difficult situations.

The cost for the course is $49. If a group is paying some or all of that cost, you will enroll using a group code. Passing the course requires a score of 80% on the final quiz. Upon successful completion of the course, a certificate of completion bearing .5 units of continuing education credit will be emailed to you.

Understanding Clergy Sexual Ethics is organized into two main parts addressing:

  1. What is keeping sacred trust and why is it important, and
  2. How do you keep a sacred trust and prevent misconduct? Each main part has a number of subsections designed to address real concerns and questions from the perspective of those in the practice of ministry — questions such as:
  3. A concluding section provides opportunities for review, reflection, and self-evaluation as well as sources of information for additional learning.
  • Why is keeping sacred trust essential to my pastoral effectiveness?
  • What behaviors violate sacred trust?
  • How do I maintain appropriate boundaries?
  • Why is it important to avoid the appearance of misconduct?
  • What factors and feelings can make me vulnerable to misconduct? 

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